Great Content Marketing Ideas (2021) for the Financial Sector

Published on February 20, 2021 by Editor

The financial services sector is one of the most demanding and highly competitive industries in the world. It is also one of the widest, covering a wide range of finance-orientated services which includes account management, the insurance industry, banking sector, credit unions, stocks and investment portfolios, consumer finances and bookkeeping or accountancy firms.

The financial services sector also contributes quite significantly to GDP and is responsible for generating employment opportunities for a large section of the population. It’s little wonder then that the sector attracts qualified people from all over, looking for new opportunities and growth. With this level of competition, being able to carve your niche and attract enough clients or customers, willing to spend their hard-earned money on your services, can be quite tricky.

Getting Head and Shoulders Above the Crowd

The key to finding your way to the top of the heap is by making the very best first impression that you possibly can. Since we now live almost exclusively within a digital world, this means getting your digital presence and your digital marketing strategy squared away. One of the most effective ways that one can go about growing your financial services business is through content marketing. Engaging and value-added content marketing will quickly grow an audience and may convert a good portion of those visitors into actual customers.

However, as with most things, getting these kinds of results is often easier said than done. As anyone that has ever tried to grow an online business from scratch knows, creating the best and most relevant content for your blog or website can be quite tricky. You have to know what to write about, and you have to be able to answer the questions that visitors (and potential customers) are asking.

We’ve outlined some great content marketing ideas (which actually work) for the financial sector below; keep reading to pick up some valuable tips and insights which could help you take your financial services business to the next level!

Publish Useful Guides to Help People Save Money

If there’s one thing almost all of us have in common, it’s that we all love to find new ways to save money. In today’s rollercoaster global economy, every cent counts, so creating practical guides to saving money is a great way to drive traffic to your blog and convert visitors into new business for you. Again, it’s all about the content, and what your visitors can get out of it – for free. This automatically creates a perception within your readers that you are there for them, and care about the subject which you are blogging about.

Generate Actual and Relevant Statistics in Your Content

Nothing says authority more than including relevant and up to date statistics within your financial advice blogs. The added benefit of generating useful, fresh and relevant statistics for your blogs or website, is that those visiting your site will be able to use those statistics in their own research or when making important financial make or break decisions. Knowing that your site or blog is a great place to get statistical data means you can expect return visits and a possible future long-term client in the making.

Create Useful Interactive Content

Creating interactive content that adds measurable value to visitors to your site may not be as difficult or as complicated as you may initially think. Here’s a great example of adding interactive content to your blog or website that relates directly to the greater financial sector – adding a free savings calculator. If you already have skills in web development, app creation or web programming, this one is a cinch. It’s also easy to find young and motivated developers eager to get some experience under their belts and something to add to their resumes. An added benefit to this idea is that you can license your interactive content to other bloggers and websites within your niche. This is a great way to increase brand awareness within the greater financial community.

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